TV-Reports about my atelier visits:,, US Travel-Channel

TV-Reports about my atelier visits:,, US Travel-Channel

With my new offer of atelier visits in Lyon/France (starting August 2023), I wish to integrate once again the inspiring encounters with people from all over the world, which I had during my years in legendary Berlin squat Arthouse TACHELES .

I loved the concept of our open ateliers, where we had around 400.000 people (!) visiting us each year. The following TV documentaries will teleport you back to my time in the German capital, when, and the US-Travel Channel visited me in my atelier.

US Travel-Channel:

Anecdote: Shortly after the broadcast of the programme on the US Travel Channel, I received an e-mail from Florida, from the grandson of the Jewish partisan leader Tuvia Bielski, whose story had already gained international attention through Edward Zwick's film Defiance (2008). The TV report was the trigger for my artistic work on the Bielski partisans, which has recently led me to the Naliboki Forest in Belarus already for the third time – to lead a land art workshop on the former camp site of the partisans for the international exchange project Living Memorials.

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