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Get a taste of Roman's international art projects in dialogue with

SCIENCE: expedition across the Pacific Ocean, diving with whale sharks in the Philippines

HISTORY: on-site works in Belarus, Poland, Italy, France, Germany, ...

LITERATURE: meet his poetic accomplice Tarantula, an ancient typewriter born in the 1960s

and more!

VIDEO-Trailer in other languages: FRANÇAIS, ESPAÑOL, DEUTSCH

VIDEO-TRAILER: The Waterweaver (2023)

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Artistic Buffet

MEET the 'Waterweaver'

Roman was born on the German North Sea coast, exposed to the tides, between sheep and lighthouses.

Former lecturer at the Berlin University of the Arts – in his past life: lawyer in an international law firm.

DISCOVER his atelier

a true mille-feuilles ("thousand-sheets") of history:

It’s located in an ancient building (1650) in the heart of Lyon's historic silk weaving district – in the 1950s it was a legendary "clandé", a clandestine house of prostitution!


through Roman's artistic eye.

Protagonists of the PAST: silk weaver icons, the emblematic Mères Lyonnaises, ...

TODAY's inhabitants of the district: street artists, emerging fashion designers, underground musicians, ...

FEEL history coming alive


Examine original objects such as ancient weaver spindles, stamps & silkworm cocoons.

DISCOVER how Lyon's history

resonates with Roman's freediving adventures in pursuit of the largest fish on our planet:

W H A L E S H A R K S.

DIVE behind the scenes

of his interdisciplinary experiments,

combining art, science, history, literature and philosophy.

TOUCH the bottom of


... deep-sea sediments from over 5000 metres, Roman's artistic working materials, brought back from his scientific expedition aboard the German research vessel SONNE.

MEET Roman's poetic accomplice


a type-writer, born in the 1960s, with whom you will be able to bond during Roman's workshops to write your own texts.



In Roman's workshops, create a unique collage through an interaction of different experimental techniques: Japanese suminagashi, frottage à la Max Ernst and drip painting – while producing your own ink with the help of Cassiopeia (an ancient turtle ink stone) and water originating from Lyon’s aquatic arteries: the Saône and the Rhône river.

SURPRISE a friend ...?

You may also offer the visit to Roman's atelier as a surprise gift to a friend.

Provide Roman with the address and the person will get the invitation via old-school handwritten postcard, signed by Roman & Tarantula.

EXCHANGE with Roman

in the language you prefer: English, French, German (all fluent)

or Spanish – ¡un poco más experimental!

ARE you a DINOSAUR ...

with a rather old-school mindset like Roman who doesn't find online payments all that appealing?

Give us a call, book your visit in person and pay in cash on arrival. Also reachable via whatsapp, signal and telegram:

+33 (0)769 33 26 99


Check out Roman's offer of atelier visits, artistic city tours & workshops!

Normal atelier visits (1,5h) are at 25 €/person if you are 2 people or more.

MEET Roman